Rafael Escudero Alday

Secretary General for Consumer Affairs and Gambling


The General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs and Gambling is the governing body, under the management of the head of the Ministry, where the promotion and coordination of the Government's policy regarding the promotion of consumer and gaming policies rests, with attention to the guarantee of constitutional rights and the general interest.

The General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs and Gambling is also responsible for coordinating the governing bodies that report to it, as well as promoting inter-territorial institutional cooperation and participation in the corresponding international and European Union organisations due to the issue.

Academic background

Degree in Law (1992), PhD in Law (1999) and Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid since 2002.

Author of numerous academic works on human rights, the Constitution and the Rule of Law: among them, author of 6 papers; coordinator of 12 collective books; and the author of more than 25 articles in research journals.

Professional experience

Director of the Human Rights Office of Madrid City Council between June 2017 and June 2019. Newly created, this Office developed the supervision, coordination and monitoring tasks of municipal human rights policies.

Professor and guest lecturer at numerous Spanish, European and Latin American centres and universities. Lead researcher of two R&D Projects, funded by the Ministry of the Presidency (2011-2012) and the Ministry of Economy and Business (2016-2020). Regular participant in the training programmes of various public institutions (among others, the CGPJ School, the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies and the Integral Training Centre of the Madrid City Council). Likewise, he is an assessor for assessment agencies on the quality of the university system (MINECO, ANEP, ANVUR Italia).

He has been part of management and representation bodies in Public Administration, such as the Governing Board of the Carlos III University of Madrid (2008-2011 and 2014-2017) or the Board of Teaching and Research Staff at that University